How to apply for free pass on toll roads to children's transport carriers?

From September 1, on all toll sections of roads operated by UTS, free pass is provided for school buses and buses carrying out organized transportation of children. To use it, one needs to prepare an application containing:

  1. information about the transport carrier and contact details;
  2. the brand, model and state plate number of the bus;
  3. the route with the name of the toll highway, as well as the date and time of transportation, or the period of time during which regular transportation is planned;
  4. information about the traffic police unit, to which a notification about the organized transportation of children and/or an application for accompanying buses by a traffic police patrol car has been submitted.

The request must be sent no later than 5 working days before the start of transportation to the address: info@russianhighways.ru. The applicant will definitely be informed about the decision.

In case of a positive decision, the school bus can pass free of charge only on the route indicated in the application and during the stated time period. Concurrently, travel through toll plazas should be carried out only on lanes with Toll-collectors.