M-11 Operation Division
Denis Bertolotto
Operations & Asset Director M11
Mario Dos Santos
Director of Toll, Customer Service, Equipment & Systems Departments M11
Zagid Salehov
Road Operations Director M11
M-11 team
Georgiy Kikava
Deputy Road Operations Director (208-545 km)
Oleg Nikiyan
Equipment and Systems Deputy Director
Vladimir Makarov
Head of Equipment and System Maintenance Area (208-334 km)
Sergey Alekseev
Head of Toll and Customers Area (208-334 km)
Anna Fidlovskaya
Traffic and Safety Manager (15-149 km)
Yaroslav Kalashnikov
Traffic and Safety Manager (208-334 km)
Pavel Bykov
Traffic and Safety Manager (334-543 km)
Aleksander Rebrov
Road and Infrastructure Manager
Anton Nikitin
Road and Infrastructure Manager (208-334 km)
Nikolay Sindarovskiy
Toll Manager
Kirill Movsiyuk
Toll Manager
Sergey Tsapaev
Equipment and Systems Maintenance Manager
Mikhail Savenkov
Toll and Customers Service Audit Manager
Galina Erdeli
Customers Service Manager
Andrey Krotov
Equipment and Systems Technical Support Manager