M-11 Operation Division
Mario Dos Santos
Director of Toll, Customer Service, Equipment & Systems Department M11
Zagid Salehov
Road Operations Director M11
M-11 team
Georgiy Kikava
Deputy Road Operations Director M11 – Head of sector TP-28
Nina Skripchenko
M11 Toll and Customer Service Deputy Director
Galina Erdeli
Head of Toll Area 1 and Customer Service M11
Aleksander Rebrov
Head of Area 2 Road & Infrastructure and Traffic & Safety – Head of sector TP-330
Sergey Alekseev
Head of Toll Area 2
Kirill Movsiyuk
M11 Head of Equipment and Systems Technical Support, Quality and Reporting
Kirill Pervov
Head of Area 2 Equipment and Systems Maintenance
Vasily Saygushkin
Head of Audit, Compliance and Staff Development
Evgeniy Zelenchenkov
Head of Area 1 Equipment and Systems Maintenance