M-11 Operation Division
Denis Bertolotto
Operations & Asset Director M11
Mario Dos Santos
Director of Toll, Customer Service, Equipment & Systems Department M11
Zagid Salehov
Road Operations Director M11
M-11 team
Georgiy Kikava
Deputy Road Operations Director (208-543 km)
Oleg Nikiyan
Equipment and Systems Deputy Director
Vladimir Makarov
Head of Equipment and System Maintenance Area (208-543 km)
Sergey Alekseev
Head of Toll and Customers Area (208-543 km)
Anna Fidlovskaya
Head of Traffic and Safety Area (15-149 km)
Pavel Bykov
Traffic and Safety Manager (334-543 km)
Aleksander Rebrov
Head of Road and Infrastructure Area (15-149 km)
Anton Nikitin
Road and Infrastructure Manager (208-543 km)
Nikolay Sindarovskiy
Toll Manager (15-58 km)
Kirill Movsiyuk
Toll Manager (58-149 km)
Sergey Tsapaev
Head of Equipment and Systems Maintenance Area (15-149 km)
Mikhail Savenkov
Toll and Customers Service Audit Manager (15-543 km)
Galina Erdeli
Customers Service Manager (15-543 km)
Andrey Krotov
Equipment and Systems Technical Support Manager