Traveling on M11 Highway you can take advantage of several loyalty programmes, depending on which transponder you use for your trip.

M11:15-58 transponder

Owners of M11:15-58 transponder can purchase subscriptions for 8, 10, 20 or 30 trips, saving up to 60% of the total cost.

How to get a subscription?

  1. Lease M11:15-58 transponder in one of the points of sales.
  2. Purchase a subscription in the point of sales or in the «Personal account».
  3. Choose the option that fits you best.

Subscription for countryside trips

For those who make regular trips to the countryside there are 2 special subscriptions which are effective within a weekend or a month on the highway route Moscow – Solnechnogorsk. More details about conditions are available here.


T-Pass owners may join the loyalty programme (detailed information is below) that allows you to receive points for the paid kilometers or for each pass via the toll plaza.

How to get a discount for T-Pass transponder?

  1. It is necessary to purchase T-pass transponder and sign a contract.
  2. Activate the Loyalty Programme in the "Personal account", registered in it in advance.

How does the Loyalty Programme work?

You get 100 bonus points for each paid with T-pass transponder travel through toll plazas on highways M4 Don, M3 Ukraine, M11 Neva. If you pay for travel on the section that is longer than 100 km, in this case for every 50 km of the route you get another 100 bonus points.

  • Travel through each toll collection point – 100 points
  • Travel for every 50 km of the route that exceeds 100 km – 100 points

The points are accrued within 3 calendar days after travel on the toll section. All points are accumulated and displayed in the "Personal account".

The terms of the Loyalty Programme shall not apply to travels on sections of other companies that are part of the interoperability system: M11 Neva highway, 15–58 km, the owner of the highway section is NWCC LLC, the Western High-Speed Diameter highway in St. Petersburg, the owner of the highway section is Northern Capital Highway JSC, M1 Belarus (Odintsovo northern bypass), the owner of the highway section is NQH JSC.

Why do I need the Loyalty Programme?

The Loyalty Programme helps to save your budget. The accumulated points can be exchanged for a discount to pay for travel on the toll sections of M4 Don, M3 Ukraine (124–194 km) and M11 Neva (58–149 km and 208–543 km). You can activate the discount at the moment of purchase only for one transponder. You can select the "Discount Level" in the "Personal account".

  • The points exchanged for the "Discount Level" are written off in accordance with the tariffs. During the validity period of the discount obtained, points will be further accumulated.
  • If points obtained under the Loyalty Programme are not used within a calendar year by a legal entity and for 2 years by a private person, they are reset to zero and can not be used in the future.

Accumulate points and pay less for travel!

Discount Level Price in points for 1 calendar month
3% 500 points
5% 1000 points
7% 2000 points
10% 4000 points
15% 6000 points