A transponder is an onboard digital device that enables a road user to pass non-stop through toll plazas by using dedicated lanes and pay automatically.

Points to buy a transponder

Depending on the transponder type and its issuer, transponders can be purchased in:

  • points of sales;
  • mobile points of sales at toll plazas or filling stations;
  • online store (remotely).

Now there are a few basic types of transponders that can be used on toll highways:

  • М-11:15-58;
  • T-Pass;
  • WHSD (Western High-Speed Diameter);
  • Main Road, etc.

Although those are devices issued by the companies that operate different toll highways, you do not need to buy all transponders at once. By virtue of an agreement between operators, users can travel along federal highways (M4 "Don", M3 "Ukraine", M11 "Moscow — Saint Petersburg", WHSD, and other highways) by using any transponder provided the latter has been integrated into interoperability service in advance.

Ways to get a transponder

Buying a transponder for use on toll highways is simple: just enter into a special agreement.

Individuals will need:

  • passport;
  • contact details (cell phone number and e-mail); and
  • an application form (to be filled in on the spot).

Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs will need the following (for a full list of documents, please, contact a point of sales):

  • a special account to be debited for toll payment;
  • documents evidencing the registration of the legal entity;
  • evidence of having been registered by a tax authority;
  • a sealed cover letter on an official letterhead containing bank details and the number of a valid settlement account to pay tolls;
  • documents evidencing the right of representing the legal entity; and
  • an extract from the Register of Entities or Individual Entrepreneurs.

After filing the documents, you will be given the number of a formal-offer account to which you should remit the initial amount of your personal account, which will subsequently be debited for tolls.

Please, mind that by virtue of just one agreement you can be given an unlimited number of devices.

Transponder prices

A toll highway transponder can be bought or leased. However, its cost will differ depending on the company that issued it and the point of sales.

In the points of sales maintained by UTS, you can buy or lease the following transponders:


Free of charge
50 rubles a month*
Terms and conditions
For motor vehicles of categories 1 and 2, the account should be replenished with 1 thousand rubles and for vehicles of categories 3 and 4, with 2 thousand rubles.
Entities’ accounts will be debited monthly irrespective of whether the device was actually used.

* provided that the transponder is used on a regular basis


1000+ rubles
2 rubles
per 24-hour period
Terms and conditions
The transponder is activated after a minimum prepayment of 500 rubles; this amount can be used to pay tolls.

Customer Service

If you have any questions on transponder operation, please, contact Customer Service: