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Why should I pay a toll to travel on your road?

The decision on the use of public roads of federal significance on a paid basis was enacted  by the Government of the Russian Federation. Federal Law No. 257-FZ On Roads and Road Activities in the Russian Federation and on Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation dated November 8, 2007, specifies the grounds and conditions for the operation of a motor road (a section of a highway) on a fee basis.

Why does your company collect money for travel?

UTS LLC, the operator of toll roads, collects tolls on paid highway sections of M3, M4, M11 on the basis of concluded operator agreements with owners and concessionaires of toll roads.

In the  "Our projects" section you can learn more about the company's activities.

Who sets the fares?

Tariffs for fares are set by the owner / concessionaire of the toll road section. 

The State Company Avtodor is responsible for the tariff's policy on the M-4 Don and M-3 Ukraine highways.  

The tariffs are determined by LLC North-Western Concession Company on the 15-58 km section of the M-11 Moscow - St. Petersburg highway. 

The State Company Avtodor is responsible for tariffs on the 58 - 543 km section of the M-11 Moscow - St. Petersburg highway.

Who is exempted from paying a toll?

According to Article 41 of the Federal Law No. 257-FZ On Roads and Road Activities in the Russian Federation and on Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation, dated November 8, 2007, the following are exempt from fares:

  • Public transport (except for taxis, including fixed-route taxis, as well as buses on long-distance and international journeys);
  • Special vehicles equipped with light and sound signal devices and those related to fire protection, police, medical emergency, rescue services, military motor vehicle inspection;
  • Vehicles of federal postal service organizations that transport postal items and money, as well as accompanying postal items and money resources of employees of such organizations;
  • Other categories of users by toll roads, paid sections of motor roads, categories of vehicles identified by owners of toll roads, toll plots of highways.

Local residents and people who frequently use the paid site for traveling to work / home, invalids, veterans, military personnel, rear workers, rehabilitated political prisoners, civil servants and social workers. Employees, deputies, ministers, president, pensioners, orphans, students and other persons not belonging to the above list are not entitled to preferential travel.

Does the size of my vehicle and its category affect the toll cost?

The fare depends on the vehicle category. The category depends on the height, including the dimensions of the goods carried, and the number of vehicle axles. Also note that different consessioners/ road owners define the vehicle category differently. 

For more detailed information about vehicle category classification on the 15-58 km section of "Moscow-St.Petersburg" M11 Highway  please visit NWCC LLC  website.

For more detailed information about vehicle category classification on the 58 -97 km and 208 - 543 km sections of "Moscow-St.Petersburg" M11 Highway, as well as toll sections of Don M4 Highway and Ukraine M3 Highway  please visit Avtodor website.

he toll lanes are equipped with special electronic sensors that determine the category of the car. In case of disagreement with a certain category at the toll plaza, the road user has the right to request that the dimensions of their vehicle be checked using manual measurement  devices (ruler, roulette, etc.).

If my vehicle is connected to the Platon system, how will I be charged on a toll road?

The Platon system does not charge you when you are travelling on toll roads. You will have to pay using means of payment available on the toll road (cash, bank card, transponder through your personal account). 

I did not know that I have to pay for this road. Can I turn around and go back?

Before the beginning of the paid section, special signs and a detour scheme along an alternative road are located. This allows you to make a choice in advance - use the toll road or choose an alternative free route.

Certain toll plazas allow you to go back before toll lanes.

If you accidentally enter the toll plaza, you need to pay toll. 

Where should I send feedback, suggestions and comments?

All suggestions/comments/feedbacks can be left in the most convenient way for you as described below:

  • In the claims books, available in each of UTS facilities;
  • Via the feedback form available in each UTS facilities;
  • Via the UTS call center;
  • Via e-mail to

Only applications containing contact information (full name, name of organization (for legal entities), telephone number for communication, e-mail address, etc.) are subject to review. Anonymous appeals will not be considered.

How can I get a transponder?

To conclude a contract, individuals need a passport. Legal entities need to provide an extended package of documents. The full list of documents can be provided at the Points of Sale or on the official website given below:

Where are the sales offices?


My transponder does not work. What should I do?

If you have problems with your transponder at the toll plaza, please ask the employee on site for help. 

Before your trip, make sure that you have a sufficient balance in your personal account to pay the toll (the balance can be checked at the Sales and Service Centers, in your Personal Account).

Also remember that for the transponder to read correctly, you have to:

  • Choose the assigned toll lane available for ETC transaction;
  • Reduce the car's speed to 30 km/h in the toll lane;
  • Make sure that the transponder is installed on the windshield according to the operation instructions.

Can I use one transponder on all toll roads in Russia?
No, not on all toll roads but if your transponder is connected to the interoperability service,  you can use one device to travel on the following roads:
  • М-11 Moscow – St.Petersburg, 15 – 97 km
  • М-11 Moscow – St.Petersburg, 208 – 543 km
  • М-4 Don, 21 –211 km and 1091 – 1119 km
  • М-4 Don 225 –633 km
  • M-3 Ukraine, 124 – 194 km
  • New exit to MKAD from the M-1 Belarus federal highway (Odintsovo Bypass)
  • Western Speed Diameter (WHSD) in St.Petersburg

I have two cars, I use them alternately. Do I need to buy two transponders?

Technically it is possible to use one transponder for various cars. However, you should refer to the contractor framework that defines the regulation for such cases. 

We take this opportunity to remind you that the transponder will only work correctly if it is fixed to the windshield as specified in the Installation Instructions.

What should I do in the event of a roadside emergency: such as an accident, if I run out of gas, or if my vehicle breaks down?

In the event of any roadside emergency, you should call the corresponding emergency number:

∗2033 – on M-3 Ukraine highway

∗2044 – on M-4 Don highway

∗2011 – on M-11 Moscow – St.Petersburg highway

In this case, please remain in the safety area behind crash barrier and wait for our Traffic Safety Inspector. 

How can the Traffic Safety Inspector help me?

The Traffic Safety Inspector will assess the situation and provide all necessary assistance for free: 

  • Securing the area;
  • Helping with vehicle repair or calling the Recovery Service Provider
  • Helping to reach the nearest gas station;
  • Helping you to reach the nearest safe place. 
In case of accident they will take the necessary actions:
  • Secure the area;
  • Provide first medical assistance;
  • Call emergency rescue services;
  • Take the necessary photos of the scene;
  • Provide necessary information to the police.

Mobile communication does not work on the road, how can I call for help?

On toll sections of the M-4 Don Highway you will find emergency road terminals marked SOS every 2 - 3 km. 

In the event of any emergency, you will be in contact with our Traffic Management Center. Please try to give relevant information about the location and our operator will assist you and, if necessary, sens out for assistance: 

Attention! Emergency road terminals are located on both sides of the carriageway, so do not cross the highway, you will expose yourself to danger.

How can I call for a Recovery Service ?

In case of vehicle breakdown, please contact the operator by calling the emergency phone number for the road on which you are located. The operator will send out the Recovery Service, which will tow your car to the nearest safe place for free. 

Emergency phone numbers:

∗2033 – on Ukraine M3 Highway

∗2044 – on Don M4 Highway

∗2011 – on Moscow – St.Petersburg M11 Highway

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