For your convenience, all roads served by UTS, have a free short emergency phone number.

If there is an emergency situation and you need assistance, please dial:

Unified emergency number

Please note! All calls to the unified emergency number are free!
You can also use the general emergency number 112

After the operator answers you need to provide the following information:
1. Purpose of your call
2. In case of an accident, describe what happened and whether there are casualties
3. Indicate your location: the kilometer mark on the nearest signpost or describe the place (perhaps, nearby there are specific infrastructure facilities: bridges, cafes, filling stations, etc.)
4. Indicate the direction in which the vehicle moved
5. Describe your vehicle: vehicle brand, colour, number, etc.
The operator, if necessary, will call the Traffic safety inspector or the Recovery and Evacuation provider, which will help you to solve the problem encountered on the road.