If a technical malfunction has occurred in your vehicle for some reason and you cannot solve it on your own, then dial the unified emergency number ∗2323 to call the Traffic Safety Inspector. On arrival, the speialist will try to solve the problem for free and, if necessary, call the Recovery Service Provider.

Specialists from the Recovery Service will also transport your vehicle free of charge to the nearest safe area,car service center or rest area. If the problem cannot be solved without going beyond the limits of the toll highway, or for some reason the driver wishes to go beyond said point, this becomes a paid service. 

Please note! Nowadays the Recovery Service is avaliable only on M4 Don and M11 Neva highways. 

Please note that if the breakdown affects traffic flow, the Traffi Safety Inspector can close the lanes for safety purposes until the problem is resolved or the car is towed. In this case, all users of the toll road will be informed of the hazard by means of both display signs and special signals on the Traffic Safety Inspector and Recovery Service van (emergency brake light).