A transponder is an on-board device that allows you to travel on specific lanes at Toll Plazas without stopping; the journey is recorded automatically and the corresponding payment is debited from the customer's personal account.

What benefits does it have?

In comparison with the typical forms of payment using cash or bank cards, the transponder allows the customer to easily pass through Toll Plazas on the highway section. It also considerably saves money depending on the different loyalty programs set by the Owners/Concessionaires of the toll sections.

How do I use it?

With the transponder installed inside the car, the highway user should drive through the specially equipped entry and/or exit lanes at the Toll Plazas, slow down to 30 km/h, and wait for the traffic light to turn green and barrier opening to continue the way.

IMPORTANT! Observe a sufficient distance for safe maneuvers, but no less than 10 m in front of oncoming traffic. Make sure that the driver does not make an emergency stop on the lane.

Please note that a transponder can be used for toll payments on any lane. Meanwhile, if entry to sections is performed through a ticket lane, the exit shall be performed through the lane with the Toll Collector by giving her/him the entry ticket and the transponder for the correct fee calculation.

How do I install it?

The transponder must be installed correctly inside your car. The device is mounted in different places, depending on the location of the sectors for the radio waves transmission on the windshield. Especially it is important to the owners of cars equipped isothermal windshields and glasses with electric heating.

You can find the detailed information of the transponder's location in the instruction sheet of your vehicle.

To mount the device properly in the cabin, you have to:

  1. Carefully wipe the surface of the glass, degrease it and allow it to dry (a special cleaning wipe is provided along with the transponder). This will be more effective in air temperatures above +15 ° C, otherwise the glue may not stick.
  2. Carefully remove the protective film from the device and lay it horizontally with the adhesive side face down in the corresponding place, press and hold in this position for 10 seconds.
  3. In the event that the transponder is not recognized at the toll plaza, you must park in front of the boom gate at the cashier's cabin, carefully remove the transponder, and give it to the personnel for them to read the device manually.  

IMPORTANT! Do not disassemble the device or allow mechanical or chemical impact, or contact with water. When you are not using your transponder, it is recommended to keep it in a clean protective zip bag. When heated the device may switch off, and when cooled, the battery can run out quicker than usual.

The operator cannot guarantee the proper functioning of the transponder if it was not mounted correctly. If there are other transponders inside the vehicle, the toll can be paid using the device of choice.

If you do not plan to use your transponder to pay the toll, or if there are 2 or more transponders in the car, place them inside a zip package when traveling through the toll gate. This will prevent erroneous or duplicate payments being charged to your account.

How do I top up my transponder balance?

The transponder balance account can be topped up at Points of Sale at the toll highway sections, or distantly in accordance with the terms of the chosen ETC Provider*:

  • Rules for topping up the balance for the transponder М-11 15–58;
  • Rules for topping up the balance for the transponder T-Pass