A transponder is an onboard digital device that enables a road user to pass non-stop through toll plazas by using dedicated lanes and pay automatically.

How does a transponder look like?

The device is a small box with a built-in battery which uses the contactless toll payment technology. A transponder is fully autonomous equipment, and so it can operate for about 5-7 years without any special maintenance. Транспондер

Proper transponder usage

You need no special skills to use a transponder. After you have installed your transponder onto the windscreen, just:

  • select a dedicated lane for passing non-stop through the toll plaza;
  • keep a distance of at least 10 m to the vehicle ahead to avoid the erroneous transaction;
  • slow down to 30 km/h; and
  • wait until the traffic lights turn green and the toll bar is lifted.

While passing through a toll plaza, its equipment accepts the signal from the transponder, registers details of your motor vehicle and automatically debits your account. A toll can be paid with a transponder on ANY lane: to do this, carefully remove the device from its mounting and hand it over to the cashier.

Знаки у ПВП


Proper transponder installation

The proper transponder installation is the key to passing through a highway toll plaza quickly, comfortably, and without delays. Please, note that incorrect installation may result in problems when travelling along a toll highway. To avoid them, remember a few simple rules:

  • wipe the windscreen surface carefully, degrease it (preferably with a special cleaning wipe), and let it dry;
  • remove the protective film from the device carefully, hold the device horizontally with its sticky side against the designated area, press the device into position and hold it for 10 seconds.

In passenger vehicles the device is mounted in the upper part of the windscreen, behind the rear-view mirror, and in trucks — in the lower part, at least 10 cm up from the lower rim. Установка транспондера

Besides, it is important that you use your transponder properly and avoid the following: С транспондером запрещено

Transponder balance replenishment

When passing through a toll plaza, your personal account, which is specified in the agreement for using a device, is debited automatically. To avoid problems with toll payment, replenish your transponder balance in advance. Ways of replenishing the balance:

  • in points of sales;
  • at our partners' filling stations;
  • via ATMs and terminals;
  • in your personal account: from your bank card or e-wallets (Yandex.Dengi, Qiwi, or Webmoney);
  • via Internet-bank or mobile applications;
  • by sending SMS or USSD-request.

Terms and conditions of replenishing the account depend on the device you have selected: "M-11:15-58" or "T-Pass".