When planning their routes, both logistics companies and private freight carriers are increasingly choosing to use toll roads. This is not accidental, as high quality road surfaces and lack of populated areas along highways can serve to significantly increase the transportation velocity, resulting in savings on time and fuel.

To pass through the TP quickly, truck drivers should remember a few simple rules:

  1. Before entering the lanes, carefully read the signs above them. There are several types of lanes:
    • General (accepting all types of payment: cash, bank card or transponder);
    • Allocated (payment only by transponder);
    • HOWEVER, oversized transport always use the righ-nad lane. 

    Attention should also be paid to the display panels and traffic lights: use open lanes. If the carrier is not sure whether it is possible to pass through the standard width of the entrance lane to the TP with the given cargo dimensions, the lane for oversized transport should be used.

    • Attention! If a lane has the Entry Prohibited (No Entry) sign, oversized vehicles are not permitted on this lane.
  2. For safe passage through the TP, speed should be reduced. This allows for the reading devices to more accurately determine the vehicle category and number.
    • Attention! For non-stop passage at a toll plaza, the driver must change into a special lane, reduce their speed to 30 km/h, and wait for the green traffic light signal.
  3. Pay the toll fee in cash, by card or using the transponder. When planning a route that passes through several toll sections, the interoperability service can be used, which makes it possible to use one transponder to pay for all toll roads that are operated by parties to the agreement.
    • Attention! The transponder can be used for payment on any lane. However, the transponder balance should be topped up at least one day before the planned trip.
  4. Wait for the green traffic light signal and the barrier to open.
    • Attention! Receipts and tickets (depending on the TP type) shall be kept until the end of the trip on the toll road section! The funds are debited from the transponder automatically, and the corresponding signal sounds. No signal means the data has not been read from the device.
  5. Keep moving. Remember that, according to the traffic rules, trucks with a permissible maximum weight of more than 3.5 tons (category C) can only use the two right-hand lanes. Switching to other lanes is prohibited. Trucks weighing 2.5 to 3.5 tons are prohibited from using the left-hand lane, while lighter vehicles (less than 2.5 tons) have no restrictions.

Parking and stopping

According to the Road Traffic Regulations of the Russian Federation, the vehicle can be parked ONLY in a special parking area: the vehicle should not be left in unintended places.

In the event that your truck becomes a hazard to traffic, significantly reduces traffic speed or blocks vehicles passing through the TP, the Traffic Safety Inspector shall have the right to tow the vehicle. Nonetheless, the driver shall still be required to pay the toll on the toll road section.