On November 15, 2015, the Platon toll collection system was installed for trucks weighing more than 12 tons travelling on Russian federal highways. The funds collected through the system go towards the federal budget, and are subsequently used for restoring roads and improving road transport infrastructure.

With the Platon system, payments are ONLY taken for free sections of federal highways. Where the route passes through toll sections of the federal highway, regional roads and country roads, the system does not include these areas in the payment calculation. In these cases you have to pay the toll using another form of payment (cash, bank card, or debiting your personal account after records of your transaction with your transponder).

How does the system work?

Prior to traveling, the carrier registers with the Platon system: a route card or free on-board device will then be issued. When registering a route card on the site, you will need to specify your initial location and planned end point of the trip, possible intermediate points (where applicable), date, month, year and time of departure, state vehicle number and vehicle registration certificate. In the case of an on-board device, you will need to provide a technical datasheet (original or copy) for transportation.

Platon functions as a post payment system. However, the carrier must pay the funds to the account in advance, before the trip. To do this, you can use the system website or the Platon and Qiwi self-service terminals. Alternatively you can use the User Information Support Center.

All trucks with a maximum permissible weight exceeding 12 tons shall be compulsorily equipped with GLONASS / GPS satellite navigation systems and a GSM / GPRS data transmission module. On receiving a signal from the on-board device, the system calculates the cost and withdraws the funds automatically.

Please note! Each on-board device is assigned a specific vehicle and cannot be used on any other vehicle.

How much does it cost?

The equipment is provided free of charge at the Information Support Center, based on a gratuitous-use agreement. This includes the cost of the on-board device, which becomes the operator’s property. However, in case of loss, unauthorized opening or damage, this amount is charged.

The tariff has been set at RUB 1.90 per km since April 15, 2017. If transport mode is violated, the user is not-registered in the Platon system, or the on-board device is faulty, the carrier can be charged a fine of up to RUB 10,000.

Who is exempt from Platon payments?

In accordance with Federal Law No. 257-FZ  On Roads and Road Activity in the Russian Federation, dated November 8, 2017 the following shall be exempt from payment through the Platon system:

  • Vehicles designed for transporting people, except passenger-cargo vans;
  • Special vehicles equipped with devices for providing special light and sound signals and used for fire protection, police work, medical emergency work, rescue services, military motor vehicle inspection;
  • Special vehicles involved in transportation of weapons and military equipment;
  • All vehicles traveling on paid sections of federal highways (however, these shall not be exempt from the fare payments based on the tariffs for these sections).