Some toll sections of highways are equipped with yellow emergency terminals labelled SOS. In case of a vehicle breakdown or any other emergency situation, you can contact the on-duty operator of the toll road section using such a terminal.

The operator will clarify your location and, if necessary, call the Traffic Safety Inspector or the Recovery and Evacuation service

You must remember that after stopping the vehicle it is necessary to turn on the hazard warning signal, put on a high-visibility jacket, leave the vehicle from the direction of the nearest guardrail, place an emergency stop sign and go over the barrier guard. Staying in the vehicle while waiting for assistance is prohibited.

Emergency terminals are installed on both sides of vehicle traffic, that is why you must not run across the highway to the other side, exposing yourself to undue risk.
If you did not find the emergency terminal, you can always contact the operator yourself by dialing a short number from your mobile phone:

M3 «Ukraine»
M4 «Don»
M11 «Neva»

Please note! All calls to emergency numbers are free!
You can also use the general emergency number 112