Experiencing vehicle malfunctions on an express highway can be an unpleasant experience for an average-sized car, but when cargo transport is involved, the consequences can be much more serious: from liquid spills and cargo loss to serious road traffic accidents and highway closures.

This can not only affect traffic on the toll highway, but also endanger the lives of road users. It is important not to panic in this kind of situation, but to trust the relevant professionals to quickly and reliably deal with the situation.

I have noticed a malfunction with the truck. What should I do?

  1. In the event of even the slightest technical malfunction in the truck on the toll section, you are required to stop. If there is a specially equipped site or recreation area nearby, you are required to stop there. When stopping on the highway, do not forget to turn on the hazard warning signal, put on a high-visibility jacket, designate the place of the accident (by placing an emergency stop sign), and immediately cross over the road barrier.
  2. Call the Traffic Management Center using the unified emergency number *2323. The operator will send out the Traffic Safety Inspector, who will evaluate the situation and suggest solutions for solving your problem.

An emergency has occurred on the toll section of the highway. How can the Traffic Safety Inspector assist me?

The Traffic Safety Inspector will call in a tow truck, which will transport you to a safe location free of charge, take the necessary photos of the scene, and help draw up the accident statement in accordance with European protocol, including for obtaining insurance payments, and also provide first aid treatment.

The truck has a punctured tire. Will the Traffic Safety Inspector be able to help?

Yes. Traffic Safety Inspectors have service vehicles equipped with all the necessary tools, including LED impulse road signs, a flashlight and other equipment. In any case, they will suggest getting assistance from a specialized company if they cannot manage it by themselves.

The truck repair was unsuccessful. What should I do now?

If you cannot solve the problem independently, the Traffic Safety Inspector will call the recovery and evacuation services, who will transport your vehicle free of charge to the nearest safe place on the toll section of the highway. If necessary, the vehicle may be transported beyond the toll highway, which becomes a paid service (based on the price-list of the company).

Some cargo has fallen onto the highway. Can I pick it up independently?

Absolutely not. If traffic is hampered by liquid spills, loss of cargo or a vehicle stopped on the highway, the Traffic Safety Inspector that arrives to the site shall first notify users of the express highway using the hazard warning signals of their vehicle, and then, independently or with the help of special services, shall take the necessary mitigation measures.