Traffic on highways is more active than in the city, so non-compliance of basic rules can threaten not only administrative punishment, but also lead to more serious consequences.

Safety on the road depends on many factors, but remember that it is always necessary to comply with the Traffic Rules: while driving, always wear your seat belt, do not talk on the phone and keep to the speed limit. Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs (even with residual effects). And never relax: a beginner or reckless driver may be near you at any time, putting you at risk of getting into an accident.

Safety on the road depends on many factors, but it is always necessary to adhere to the driving regulations of the Russian Federation, including:

  1. The driver and all passengers must wear seat belt 
  2. The driver is not allowed to use a phone without hands free system.
  3. The driver is prohibited from exceeding the speed limit
  4. It is prohibited to drive under the influence (of alcohol, nercotics or otherwise, including medications) that worsen ypur reaction time and concentration, or in a painful or tired state, which endangers the safety of traffic.

What dangers lie in wait for the driver on the highway?

  • Deterioration of attention, sleep behind the wheel. When driving at high speed on an even and straight road there is a sense of monotony — it begins to seem that there is no danger. The driver begins to blink more and more frequently, their vision begins to lose focus, it becomes difficult to communicate and there is a deception of vision. It is a trap! At this moment, the sense of speed and control over the vehicle are often lost.

How can this be avoided?

  1. Do not adjust the seat to a more relaxed position —  you should always be focused while driving.
  2. Maintain a cool temperature in the vehicle.
  3. Stay a little hungry. You will be more relaxed if you are full, so the sense of speed and distance is lost.
  4. Rest every 4 hours, even if you feel alert and well. On toll roads, you can use the recreation areas, roadside cafes, and gas stations equipped with WC.
  • Movement in poor visibility. Weather conditions affect the driving rules — rain, snow or fog can worsen the driver's perception of the road, especially when travelling at high speed. It is especially important to take into account the meteorological conditions as well as the condition of the road surface in winter.

How can this be avoided?

  1. Pay attention to the display panels located along the entire length of the toll highway.
  2. Switch on the dipped beam and do not switch it off even during the day.
  3. Keep your distance — the stopping distance on the highway increases dramatically.
  • Other road users. Passing other vehicles, moving in the same direction is a risky maneuver even for experienced drivers, so you should not forget about the safety rules on the road.

How can this be avoided?

  1. Take into account the "blind zones" when changing lanes or performing other maneuvers.
  2. Do not neglect the temporary road signs indicating redirection of traffic to an adjacent lane in order to change lane in time.
  3. Use your direction indicators, even if it seems that no hindrance is created for anybody.