Many different types of situations can unfolds on the highway, and sometimes drivers want to help when they see acidents or other incidents. However, as a rule, most of them are not able to provide qualified assistance, and stopping a car, for example, in the accident zone, can only worsen the situation.

Toll sections of the highway are serviced by professionals — the Traffic Safety Inspector Service trains specialists who know how to act properly in a given situation. So what kind of assistance can compassionate drivers provide?

Rule No. 1

If you witness an accident, this does not mean that you have to stop and wait for a Traffic Safety Inspector. The best thing you can do is to call the Traffic Management Center by dialing ∗2323 and accurately describe the accident site.

But sometimes the testimony of those involved in the accident is not enough, in which case - testimony from witnesses can be useful. These will allow to establish the course of events, determine the actions of those involved and the circumstances that will subsequently help to take the right decision in the case.

Rule No. 2

No matter how confident you are in your abilities, you should not stop to help the Traffic Safety Inspector. You are only putting your own safety at risk. The Traffic Safety Inspector may need the help of another specialist, since only authorized personnel who have the appropriate authorization are allowed to stay on the road.

Rule No. 3

When patrolling a toll section, the Traffic Safety Inspector occupies the extreme right lane of the road with the speed of traffic flow. If you see a service car with a rotating yellow or orange beacon, it means that it is rushing to the place of the accident, possibly doing the repairs or the maintenance of the road, loading damaged, defective and portable vehicles, etc.

Remember that by giving way to them, you can save someone’s life.

Rule No. 4

Unfortunately, there are cases where the Traffic Safety Inspector may suffer when working at the scene. Therefore, it is important always to remember about the speed limit and compliance with Traffic Rules. When approaching the workplace of the Traffic Safety Inspector, slow down a little, be careful, but do not stop your movement, so as not to slow the general flow of traffic.

When on the road, also pay attention to the dynamic arrow which is installed on the roof of the inspector’s van and the special board: depending on incident, the necessary information will be displayed on it. For example, in case of an accident, it will read "Accident / Reduce speed". Using these instructions, you will be able to make a timely decision on changing your route, as well as change to a safer lane.