How can I get a transponder?

To conclude a contract, individuals need a passport. Legal entities need to provide an extended package of documents. The full list of documents can be provided at the Points of Sale or on the official website given below:

Where are the sales offices?


My transponder does not work. What should I do?

If you have problems with your transponder at the toll plaza, please ask the employee on site for help. 

Before your trip, make sure that you have a sufficient balance in your personal account to pay the toll (the balance can be checked at the Sales and Service Centers, in your Personal Account).

Also remember that for the transponder to read correctly, you have to:

  • Choose the assigned toll lane available for ETC transaction;
  • Reduce the car's speed to 30 km/h in the toll lane;
  • Make sure that the transponder is installed on the windshield according to the operation instructions.

I have two cars, I use them alternately. Do I need to buy two transponders?

Technically it is possible to use one transponder for various cars. However, you should refer to the contractor framework that defines the regulation for such cases. 

We take this opportunity to remind you that the transponder will only work correctly if it is fixed to the windshield as specified in the Installation Instructions.

Can I use one transponder on all toll roads in Russia?
No, not on all toll roads but if your transponder is connected to the interoperability service,  you can use one device to travel on the following roads:
  • М-11 Moscow – St.Petersburg, 15 – 97 km
  • М-11 Moscow – St.Petersburg, 208 – 543 km
  • М-4 Don, 21 –211 km and 1091 – 1119 km
  • М-4 Don 225 –633 km
  • M-3 Ukraine, 124 – 194 km
  • New exit to MKAD from the M-1 Belarus federal highway (Odintsovo Bypass)
  • Western Speed Diameter (WHSD) in St.Petersburg

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