Toll highway sections are equipped with Toll Plazas (TP). The terms of payment depend on their type – closed, open or mixed.

In the first case, all entries and exits from the road are restricted by plazas, in the second – payment occurs either at the beginning or at the end of the section, without restriction of other entries and exits, and in the third – the plazas are installed both at the beginning and at the end of the section, but inside it the entry and exit are not restricted.

General rules for passing toll plazas:

  1. when approaching TP decrease the speed;
  2. pay attention to display panels and traffic lights – use open lanes;
  3. select the proper lane:
    • for payment by transponders,
    • for payment with cash or by bank card,
    • for oversized transport (always on the right);
  4. pay the toll by any means convenient for you;
  5. wait for the green traffic signal and opening of the barrier;
  6. keep moving.

For non-stop passage, use transponder. At the TP you just need to choose a special lane, decrease the speed to 30 km/h and pass on the green. You can purchase the on-board device in points of sales.

Attention! Violation of the rules for passage through Toll Plazas may lead to imposition of an administrative punishment in the form of driving license revocation.

Features of Toll Plaza types:

  1. Open type: passage through TP and toll payment is performed only once. Such type of TP is located on all toll sections of M3 Ukraine highway and M4 Don highway, except 416 – 460 km section (Khlevnoe village and Zadonsk town bypass) and 633 – 715 km section (Losevo village and Pavlovsk town bypass).
  2. Closed type: toll sections are restricted by entry TPs, at which it is necessary to receive a Ticket and exit ones where the user shall pass it to the cashier and pay the toll. Such type of TP is located on all toll sections of M11 Moscow – St.Petersburg highway.
  3. Mixed type: as a rule, the toll is paid at the entry TP and a receipt is submitted at the exit one. Such type of TP is located on 416 – 460 km and 633 – 715 km sections of M4 Don highway.

Attention! Keep the ticket issued by the terminal on the entry toll lane! If the user can not submit the ticket, then the maximum toll will be charged at the exit plaza, taking into account the vehicle category, the route and time of the day.

It is worth remembering that the rules and organization of traffic on free and toll highways are the same. The only difference is that toll sections provide the unobstructed passage service. Violation of the rules can cause both traffic difficulties, and road accidents.

Toll section rules

Toll section rules for 225 – 633 km and 633 – 715 km sections of M4 Don highway are established by the owner of the highway (the Russian Federation represented by the State Company Russian Highways) in compliance with the existing legislation of the Russian Federation, in particular the Federal Law dated November 8, 2007 No. 257-FZ "On Roads and Road Activities in the Russian Federation and on Amendments to Separate Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation", Federal Law dated December 10, 1995 No. 196-FZ "Оn Road Traffic Safety ", by the Rules of the Road, approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated October 23, 1993 No. 1090, the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated January 19, 2010 No. 18 "On approval of the Rules of rendering services relating to the organization of vehicles passage on toll roads under federal jurisdiction, toll sections of such roads".

Detailed information on the 225 – 633 km and the 633 – 715 km toll sections rules of M4 Don highway can be found at the website of the State Company Russian Highways.