Climatic conditions of Russia require the implementation of high standard for winter maintenance. This activity is usually carried out from November 1 to March 31, however this period can be adjusted depending on weather conditions.

UTS LLC closely cooperates with the meteorological service and on the basis of their forecasts organize winter maintenance of roads. We inform road users of winter operation  (preventive treatment or snow removal) displaying dedicated information on variable message signs.

The set of winter maintenance services includes:

  • organize and train during winter period 24/7 mechanized brigades;
  • Implement and maintain winter facilities (treament plan, salt storage...);
  • Prepare and maintain winter maintenance equipment;
  • preventive treatment with relevant anti-icing products;
  • snow removal, clearing of roads from snowdrifts, clearing of snow barriers from the roadside;
  • loading, removal and storage of snow after fall.

Depending on the change in weather conditions, the following types of work can also be carried out:

  • Preventive treatment with anti-icing products;
  • Snow removal and curative treatment with anti-icing products;
  • Restoration of the normal condition.