In order to ensure traffic safety on roads, UTS LLC uses and maintains and actively develops a high level of technological infrastructure. Different systems are implemented on the road like CCTV, variable message signs, traffic counters, meteorological observing station, and emergency road terminals.

The Automated Traffic Control System (ATCS) is implemented on all sections in order to manage all these systems and it allows:

To collect information 

  • receiving data on the situation on the road in real time through a video surveillance system,
  • receiving messages from emergency road terminals (SOS terminals),
  • to collect information about weather conditions from road weather stations,
  • to monitor the work of outdoor lighting,
To implement traffic and safety action plan
  • transmitting urgent information to the relevant road maintenance services, if necessary to emergency services,
  • informing drivers on the road about the speed mode of traffic, possible transportation restrictions using, variable messages installed on the highway
To record all actions implemented

Highly qualified engineering and technical personnel monitor compliance with safety requirements for operation and maintenance of equipment, and in the event of system failures, provide prompt emergency maintenance.

They are also in charge of maintaining the Toll Collection System (TCS) used to collect tolls.