UTS LLC adheres to a clear concept in security issues and is eager to prevent any incident that may cause harm to human health, manufacturing processes and the environment. 

We accept the following obligations:

  • to comply with legal regulations setting standards for safe and healthy working conditions; 
  • to ensure safety and health care of each and of everyone, defining operational risks and preventing accidents;
  • to improve management of occupational safety and health, to develop and implement plans of improving working conditions, sanitary conditions, maintenance of fire and environmental safety;

Activities in the field of occupational safety and health, subject to daily execution, which are conducted by a safety guarantor:

  • cooperation of the employee and the employer for preservation of life, health and labor ability during labor activity;
  • protection of the employers' right to work in the conditions that meet the necessary requirements of occupational safety and health;
  • social insurance for the employees against production accidents and occupational diseases;
  • ensuring safety during exploitation of buildings and structures, equipment, tools and technological processes, status monitoring of the workplaces and correctness of application by workers of the individual safety gear;
  • provision of certified individual safety gear, special clothes and footwear, detergents and decontaminants;
  • special assessment of working conditions and maintaining working conditions compliant to the requirements at each workplace;
  • control of work and rest regime in accordance to the requirements of labor legislation;
  • regular training of employees in safe methods and practices of operation, first-aid;
  • briefings on occupational safety and health, internships in the workplace, checking the knowledge of occupational safety and health requirements;
  • non-admission to work of persons who have not undergone approved training and instruction on occupational safety and health, training and examination of the requirements of occupational safety and health, medical examinations, psychiatric examinations, and in case of medical contraindications;
  • mandatory preliminary and periodic medical examinations, psychiatric examinations;
  • informing about working conditions, risks, insurance arrangements and appropriate individual safety gear;
  • investigation and recording of production accidents and occupational diseases;
  • transportation of the employees who became ill at the working place to a medical organization, in case of a neccesity of emergency medical assistance;
  • medical examinations at the beginning and in the end of the working day by medical personnel through a hardware-software complex remotely, in the territory and in places of vehicles release according to schedule, locations and in quantities corresponding to the staffing chart;
  • continuous improvement of rules and regulations on occupational safety and health.

A summary of the results of special assessment on working conditions in UTS LLC

A special assessment was conducted on all the equipped workplaces available and corresponding to the staffing chart, including mobile workers. Newly created subdivisions and workplaces are subject to special assessment within 12 months from the date of their creation. Special assessment of working conditions is regulated by the Federal Law (FZ) dated 12.28.2013 No. 426-FZ "On special assessment of working conditions". Based on the degree of deviation of actual working environment levels and labor process from sanitary standards, working conditions are nominally divided into 4 classes according to the degree of hazard and risk: optimal, acceptable, harmful and dangerous. According to the results of the special assessment of working conditions all the workplaces of UTS LLC are classified as "acceptable" working conditions (Class 2) and are characterized by such levels of  environment and labor process factors that do not exceed the established sanitary standards for workplaces, and possible changes in functional status of the organism recovering during the regulated rest or by the beginning of the next shift and have no adverse effect on the short-term or long-term health of workers and their offspring. Acceptable working conditions are conventionally considered to be secure ones.

Rights and obligations of the Employer with "acceptable conditions of labor" (Class 2):

  • to maintain a regular level of safe working conditions;
  • to announce jobs with acceptable conditions (starting from February 18, 2017);
  • the employer is not obliged to pay compensation and provide benefits;
  • the employer is not obligated to the pay extra fare for insurance contributions (article 428 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation).

For special working place assessment "UTS" LLC cooperates with organizations having certified testing laboratories, including:  

• “House of Science and Technics” LLC

• "Tula training and testing center of protection and industrial safety" LLC

• "Occupational safety and health center - Tula" LLC  

• "ECO Harmony" LLC, "Tvertest" LLC

• Non-State Educational Institution of Further Professional Education "Training center" 


• "Engineering-analytical laboratory" LLC

• "NIIOT in Ivanovo" LLC

The employees can find out the results of the special assessment on working conditions in the HR Department. This information is also provided in the employment contract (supplementary agreement).