One the main activities of providing safety on toll roads is to control and patrol the operated highways, provide assistance to road users and intervene as soon as possible in case of any event.

On all sections operated by UTS  this activity  is taken over by the Traffic Safety Inspector Service on 24 hour - 365 day basis.

These employees are your "yellow angels". They are fully trained and certified by UTS in order to intervene on our highways.

The service appeared for the first time on the M4 highway. UTS was the first company in Russia to offer such  service. The company has developed a full set of procedure and instruction defining the rules of such activity in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of road activity, labor protection and fire safety.

Main functions of the Traffic Safety Inspector is to:

  • monitor the highway by regular patrols;
  • inform the Traffic Control Center in real time for any event including any defect on road equipment;  
  • prompt response in case of emergency;
  • alert users about any danger (foreign objects, liquids spills, accidents, congestions, etc.);
  • secure the area of the event in accordance with the safe instruction and process;  
  • provide any necessary assistance to the road users including first aid; 
  • interact with emergency services (Police, Ambulance, EMERCOM, etc.);
  • make photos of traffic accidents (transport, victims, damaged road operator’s property) in order to facilitate the investigation;
  • film a patrolling video.