UTS LLC provides an entire toll collection service to its clients according to Operations agreements. Our company fully transfers the collected funds to the owner or the concessionaire of the road. In fact the toll collected is the revenue of our Clients.

Our company organizes fluid passage through toll plazas. Toll collection is implemented either manually or via an electronic payment.

For manual collection we selected and trained Toll collectors to provide a high level of service to the road user ensuring, in particular, the safety of their personal data.

The duties of the Toll collector are to:

  • determine the vehicle class that defines the applicable toll rate;
  • collect payment for passage by cash or any other means of payment accepted and described in " Rules of Highway";
  • deliver toll receipt to the road user;
  • give information, being the first contact with the road users. 
This activity is organized under the control of Toll supervisor who can support road user in any special case.

In addition to the Toll collectors, there is other personnel at toll plazas who can also help or  support road users, they are engineers and technicians.

For any type of incident declared by a road user to be an electronic transaction a back office team can analyse and provide all necessary information and answer in 10 days.