UTS LLC is involved in electronic toll collection providing the following services on: Sales Points of M11:15-58 or T-Pass transponders.

The functions of sales points' employees include: 

  • concluding transponder sales agreement  with or without  the interoperability service;
  • selling or renting transponders;
  • managing customers' accounts (account replenishment, detailed monthly report, invoicing etc...);
  • informing the customer on his balance account;
  • providing information on tariffs for various vehicle categories of and on discounts granted to transponder users;
  • providing information about the toll section route of the highway, including information on the entry point and the exit one, the toll plazas, and the alternative toll-free route;
  • managing all type of applications services,answering grievance feedback and suggestions, etc. in 10 days;

Operations of the Call-Center for M11 15-58 or M3-M4 other M11 sections:

  • answering phone calls from users to the hotline in order to provides commercial or general information;
  • transferring traffic safety calls to Traffic Management Center (TMCO);
  • managing and transferring grievances from users to relevant department for written answers etc.