UTS LLC carries out highway heavy maintenance, which includes different types of work regarding:

  1.  drainage system and road bed:
    • repair of damaged highway sites due to landslides and frost heaving,
    • reinforcement of shoulders,
    • restoration of drainage elements in particular, ducts, curbs, gutters, manholes, fast flows and water wells, etc.; 
  2. pavement:
    • restoration of road pavement and elimination of rutting or any kind of pavement default by milling and replacement of asphalt layer(s);
  3.  road structures:
    • replacement or repair of pipe culvert inlets and outlets, expansion joints, waterproofing, recovery of road bed and pavement above culvert pipes,
    • replacement of gantry elements,
    • replacement or reinforcement of barriers, railings and sidewalks,
    • complete replacement of painting including the removal of corrosion products, scraping the metal of span structures and primer application, etc.;
  4. road equipment:
    • restoration of road signage,
    • restoration of speed-change lanes, bus stops, WC and rest areas,
    • restoration of electric lighting, etc.