UTS LLC carries out heavy maintenance of highways, which includes different type of works as described below:

  1.  Drainage system and slope:
    • repair of slope due to landslides;
    • reinforcement of shoulders;
    • restoration of drainage element in particular, ducts, curbs, gutters, manholes,fast flows and water wells,etc. 
  2. Pavement :
    • restoration of road pavment and elimination of rutting or any kind of pavement default by milling and replacement of asphalt layer(s).
  3.  Road structures:
    • replacement or repair of expansion joints, waterproofing;
    • concrete repair or reinforcement on beams, piles or deck;
    • complete replacement of painting with the removal of corrosion products, scraping the metal of span structures and application of the primer, etc.
  4. Road equipment:
    • restoration of road signage;
    • restoration or implementation of crash barriers;
    • restoration or implementation of fencing;
    • restoration of electric lighting, etc.