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Press release 26/07/21
UTS has calculated the number of accidents involving motor vehicles
Press release 23/06/21
UTS Traffic Safety Inspectors helped more than 31 thousand drivers in first half of 2021
Press release 09/03/21
UTS encourages drivers to be an example for children while driving
Press release 27/01/21
The number of road accidents on toll sites operated by UTS decreased by 35% in 2020
Press release 14/01/21
UTS Traffic Safety Inspectors helped more than 35 thousand drivers in 2020
Press release 10/11/20
“Blind” driving caused more than 200 traffic accidents on toll sites of M3, M4 and M11 highways in 2020
Press release 13/07/20
UTS urges to fasten seat belts
Press release 12/02/20
UTS urges freight carriers to pay special attention to the road
Press release 08/11/19
UTS Traffic Safety Inspectors become victims of inattentive drivers
Press release 03/10/19
UTS Traffic Safety Inspectors participated in flash mob #tetrischallenge
Press release 29/08/19
Stops on emergency lane led to increasing traffic accidents
Press release 03/07/19
Automobile traffic started on new section of M11 Highway
Press release 21/05/19
Drivers will get a free chance to check the health on the M4 Don Highway
Press release 30/11/18
United Toll System LLC introduces emergency short numbers at toll roads on M3 Ukraine and M4 Don Highways
Press release 02/08/18
A T-pass transponder is available for lease