On M3, M4 and M11 payment conditions for owners of “M11:15-58” transponders will change

Since April 15, 2019 new tolling rules for transponders “M11:15-58” will be established at toll sites of Avtodor highways. The discount for passage of M3 “Ukraine”, M4 “Don” and M11 “Moscow – Saint-Petersburg” (km 58 – km 97) will not be provided any longer but it will be increased to 30% for transit on M11 site km 208 – km 543.  

Maximum discount will be available for users going in opposite direction (km 543 – km 208) as well. The discount will not be provided for all other routes on this site. 
Thus, owners of “M11:15-58” transponders can bypass all Russian toll highways under the following conditions: 

  • “Odintsovo northern bypass” – according to basic tariffs
  • M3 “Ukraine” – according to basic tariffs (since April 15)
  • M4 “Don” – according to basic tariffs (since April 15)
  • М11 (km 58 – km 97, km 208 – km 543) – according to basic tariffs, except for section km 208 – km 543 (and backwards), the discount will constitute 30% (since April 15)
  • “Western High Speed Diameter” – according to basic tariff “Transponder” WHSD with a discount 
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