UTS eco-campaign

On May 26, UTS released more than 53 thousand baby fish of sterlet into the basin of the Sea of Azov. The сampaign aimed at preserving the aquatic biological resources of the Krasnodar Territory became a joint environmental program of the operator, Avtodor State Company and Mostotrest-Service JSC.

A balanced environmental policy has always been an integral part of the strategic development of the highway operator. Today's campaign was also a response to the modern environmental challenges faced by UTS.

Since the sterlet is listed in the Red Book of Russia and CITES Appendix II  (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) as a "vulnerable species," its baby fish were specially bred at the Kuban Institute of Sturgeon Breeding, an innovative sturgeon enterprise.

We hope that the replenishment of a high-value fish species will affect its conservation in the natural habitat in the future.