Experimental road marking

Very soon, on several toll highway sections under UTS operation, new road markings will appear. In particular, it will be applied to 4 sections on M4 Don in Lipetsk, Voronezh and Rostov regions, as well as to 1 section on M11 Neva in Tver region. 

The marking represents a series of arrows applied at a certain distance from each other on the road pavement. This distance will depend on the speed limit allowed on a certain road section. For example, where the speed should not exceed 110 km/h, the distance between the marking elements will be 55 meters, and in areas with the highest speed limit of 130 km/h - 65 meters. 

Such markings are designed to guide the driver whether the distance to the front moving car is correctly chosen. If there are 2 arrows in the driver's view, one after another, then the distance requirements are complied with. 

All motorists will be informed by special road signs that will be installed at the entrance to the site with such markings. It is expected that the new markings will help drivers better navigate at speed and thereby reduce accidents on the roads.