Seasonal tariffs on toll roads

Starting from July 28 up to October 31, 2020 the seasonal tariffs will be introduced on toll roads M3 Ukraine, M4 Don, M11 Neva (58 – 684 km). 

On M3 highway the change will concern not only the payment conditions but also the timeframes of day and night tariffs. Now the day tariff will be applicable from 6 a.m. not from 7 a.m. as it used to be. 

For the passage on M11 Neva from Solnechnogorsk to Saint-Petersburg without a transponder a driver of a light vehicle will pay 1610 RUB, with a transponder the discount will constitute more than 600 RUB, and those, who are members of loyalty programs, will save additional 15% of the toll. Thus, the trip on M11 site from 58 to 684 km will cost 842,35 RUB. 

The season tariffs on M4 Don will remain unchanged. The total amount of toll for passing all highway sites for a driver of a light vehicle will constitute 1730 RUB at daytime, while the use of transponder and loyalty programs will decrease the expenses by 30%.