Tariffs on 15-58 km section of M11 Neva are going down

From October 16, on the section of M11 Neva highway from 15 to 58 km, the tariffs for light vehicles of category 1 are reduced during peak hours on Fridays and weekends on the main "summer routes."

Concurrently, a new weekend subscription is introduced for the route Moscow - MMK (A-107 )/CRR, the cost of other subscriptions has also been adjusted.

In addition, subscriptions to the transponder M11: 15-58 have been launched. For individuals, there are now 2 types of subscriptions - "Standard" and "Drive," for legal entities there is a "Business" subscription. For users who rented transponders until October 16, 2023, the amount of rent remains unchanged.

More information about tariffs can be found here.