Tariffs will change on M4 and M11

Starting from October 14 new tariffs will be introduced on M4 “Don” and M11 Moscow – St. Petersburg for the owners of transponders “M11:15-58”, “New quality highways” and “Northern capital highway”. The change will impact the discount amounts and rules for transponder use.

The owners of all kinds of transponders except for T-Pass will lose the passage discount on M4 “Don”.  On M11 Moscow – St. Petersburg at the site 15-58 km the discounts will remain unchanged for “M11:15-58” transponder owners. 20% discount for T-Pass owners will be still available while passing M11 site 543 – 646 km and 30% – when passing the whole M11 site 208 – 646 km in both directions.

Please, pay attention that on M3 “Ukraine” starting from October 14 the day tariffs for all vehicle categories will be applicable within a different time period – from 7:00 till 24:00.

Learn more details about tariffs in the document below.