New billing system to be installed on M3, M4 and M11 highways

Since June 6, a new billing system will be launched on toll sections of the highways M3 Ukraine, M4 Don, M11 Moscow-St.Petersburg, managed by the State Company Avtodor. The new system is aimed to improve the quality of services provided to customers. 

The implementation of the new system will last from 22:00 June 5 till 08:00 June 6. Within this period clients, using T-Pass transponders, will not be able to replenish its balance. The owners of other transponders, passing on toll sections of the highways M3, M4 and M11 within 59 - 543 km, will experience delays in receipt of funds to their accounts during the stated period. However, on June 6 all accounts will be updated upon launching the new system. 

“As an operator of toll roads, we highly recommend the drivers to check and replenish transponder balance in advance in order to avoid troubles on the trip. Anyway, if you experience any trouble with transponder from June 5 up to June 6 you can pay cash or by the card at all toll plazas,” explained UTS General Director Thierry Puy.  

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