New section was commissioned on M4 Don highway

On July 4, 2020 a new road section at 633–715 km was launched on M4 Don highway. It is a bypass of Losevo village and Pavlovsk city in Voronezh region. From now on the trips to the Black sea resorts will become faster and more convenient.

The construction of the site running via Bobrovskiy, Pavlovskiy and Verkhnemamonskiy districts started in 2017. During this period the 85-km road site has been equipped with five interchanges, 28 bridges and overpasses, four traffic lanes with an increase up to 16 lanes at toll plazas located on 636 and 672 km and a central reserve which divides the traffic flows. Eight more bridges and overpasses have been reconstructed. In addition, drivers are always welcome at the rest areas located along the road, the total number of which is eight on the highway site. The maximum speed limit on the new road section will reach 130 km/h. 

The new road site is supposed to free the drivers from traffic jams which became a usual story during vacation period on M4 Don near Losevo village and Pavlovsk city.