Improperly mounted transponder may fail

In 2022, more than 110 million cars drove through the sections of M-3, M-4 and M-11 operated by UTS. And more than 60% of drivers used a transponder for paying tolls.

According to UTS internal statistics, the number of motorists using a transponder is only growing every year, concurrently the number of cases of incorrect installation of the transponder inside the car is growing, which leads to problems at toll plazas, and as a result, to congestion.

In order to avoid problems with the transponder work, please install it correctly. An improperly mounted transponder may not work at toll plaza. The detailed instruction can be found here. Also, top up your device balance in advance, as it takes from 10 to 40 minutes for the funds to be credited to your personal account and then enter the system at toll plazas.

We wish you a fast and safe trip!