Rosavtodor constrains HGV traffic on M3, M4 and M11 till the end of summer

From May 20 up to August 31 heavy vehicles are prohibited to pass Russian roads at day time if the air temperature is over 32ºC. Such restrictions will cover toll roads operated by UTS as well.

The Ministry of Transport of Russia approved the order of Rosavtodor stating the restriction of HGV traffic within the period of time from 10.00 up to 22.00. Such measures are necessary to prevent the road pavement from being damaged by heavy vehicles.

At high temperatures the trucks cannot use toll sites of M3 Ukraine 124 – 194 km, M4 Don 225 – 633 km and M11 Moscow – Saint-Petersburg 58 – 97 km and 208 – 543 km. The restriction will be enforced only upon the relevant weather forecast of the Agency on Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, the drivers will be informed by means of variable message signs on the roads.

Attention: the violations are subject to administrative penalties.

The entire list of roads (including free ones) falling within the restrictions are available here