Drills to eliminate the consequences of an accident on M4 Don

On June 16, at 506 km of M4 Don highway, UTS traffic safety inspectors took part in regular drills to eliminate the consequences of a traffic accident.

According to legend, the truck driver crashed into a safety barrier, blocking all traffic lanes, as a result of which his car caught fire. The first to arrive at the scene of the alleged accident was traffic safety inspector to site the scene. Next came the traffic police and the fire brigade. Together, the fire was extinguished. After that, the truck was evacuated, and traffic was restored. The elimination of the consequences of the accident went quickly, and the emergency services worked smoothly.

We remind you that in the event of an emergency on toll road sections operated by UTS, you will always be able to receive qualified assistance from TSI service free of charge. For this, call the emergency numbers: on M3 – * 2033, on M4 – * 2044, on M11 – * 2011.