Enforcement of winter tariffs

Starting from November 1, 2020 winter tariffs become effective on toll sites of M3 Ukraine, M4 Don, and M11 Neva (58–545 km). Concurrently the timeframes of day tariffs on M3 highway have changed – now the day tariffs are applicable from 7 a.m., not 6 a.m. as they used to be.

The discounts for transponder owners are subject to change as well. Now on M11 the maximum discount for T-Pass users constitutes 30% and 20% – for owners of different transponders following the route of 208–684 km on M11. The minimum 15% discount remains unchanged for users of any transponder on all the routes where it was applicable.

On M4 Don the cost of subscription tickets has been increased. Now the road users will have to pay 5% more to the previous cost.

More detailed information about tariffs on toll sections of M3, M4, and M11 (58–545 km) is here