UTS Traffic Safety Inspectors helped more than 35 thousand drivers in 2020

In 2020 UTS traffic safety inspectors provided help to more than 35 thousand drivers on the toll sites of the roads, operated by company. On M4 Don 17,6 thousand people asked for assistance, on M11 Neva – 16 thousand drivers and on M3 Ukraine – 1.5 thousand users. 

As in previous years the majority of requests concerned vehicles breakdowns (21,1 thousand calls) and lack of fuel (8,6 thousand calls). 1186 times traffic safety inspectors helped drivers in case of traffic accidents or emergency stop. Many drivers, who used toll road section for the first time, did not know about the existence of rest areas, so they stopped right on the emergency lane. In such situations, traffic safety inspectors drove up and asked to move to the nearest rest area, where you can comfortably, and most importantly, safely accommodate. 

Also traffic safety inspectors were called in case of any difficulties on the road or medical help. 

“Traffic safety inspector is the first person who will come to your aid in any situation on a toll road section. Even in the harsh conditions of the pandemic, traffic safety inspector’s service continued to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The TSI vans are equipped with everything necessary: a professional first aid kit, tools, fire extinguishers, impulse LED road signs, a lamp for the dark time of the day and other equipment, so feel free to call the emergency telephone number if you suddenly need any help, - commented UTS First Deputy General Director, Oleg Trofimov. 

We remind you that UTS emergency service on toll highways is available at the following phone numbers: *2033 – on M3 Ukraine, *2044 – on M4 Don and *2011 – on M11 Neva. All the calls and traffic safety inspectors’ assistance is free of charge. 

About the company   

United Toll Systems (UTS) Limited Liability Company is the first and largest operator of toll roads in Russia, providing services for road maintenance, traffic and safety, as well as toll collection. Under the framework of agreements with owners and concessionaires of toll roads UTS operates toll sections on the highways M3 Ukraine, M4 Don and M11 Neva. 

Company website: www.unitoll.ru 

For additional information, please contact the UTS Communications Manager: Svetlana Kuskova: Kuskova_s@unitoll.ru, phone: +7(925) 087 91 61