UTS Traffic Safety Inspectors participated in flash mob #tetrischallenge

The team of the Russian toll road operator UTS joined the #tetrischallenge global flash mob and showed the contents of the traffic safety inspector’s van. 

UTS traffic safety inspectors operate toll sections on M3 “Ukraine”, M4 “Don” and M11 “Moscow – St.Petersburg” highways and in case of emergency provide free assistance to all drivers. In case of accident, after securing the area,  the Traffic Safety Inspector will take the necessary photos of the scene, help with preparing documents according to the European Accident Statement, including for receiving insurance payments, provide first aid and psychological assistance, and also take you to the nearest safe place.

UTS traffic safety inspector vehicles are equipped with: a first-aid kit, road cones, two fire extinguishers, LED signs, a flashlight for nighttime hours and other necessary tools.

If you see one of our vehicles on the road, or a person wearing a high-visibility safety jacket, behave respectfully slow down and if possible, let them pass on the road. Remember that the Traffic Safety Inspector works for your safety and convenience.