Drivers will get a free chance to check the health on the M4 Don Highway

At points of sales on 515 km and 620 km of M4 Don Highway were launched medical cabins in a test mode. If needed road users can check their health free and immediately get results. All service is free of charge. 

Medical cabins are equipped to measure temperature and pressure, as well as to test the level of alcohol in the body. After the diagnosis, user will receive a printed sheet with the results.

At the moment cabins are working in test mode, but if the project is in demand, a similar service will appear on other high-speed toll roads of the country.

“We are all human, and we react to external factors in different ways. You should not wait when the bad health takes you by surprise. This is especially dangerous on the highway. It is better to stop, check your health and, if necessary, to stay in the rest area, or to ask our Traffic Safety Inspector to help,” added UTS CEO Thierry Puy.