Automobile traffic started on new section of M11 Highway

On July 3, 2019 a new section from 97 km to 149 km on M11 Moscow-Saint Petersburg Highway was launched. New section is an alternative way to busy road M10 Russia without passing through villages with traffic lights. As for the other section on M11, United Toll Systems LLC is the Operator acting on behalf of AVTODOR.


The new section of M11 Highway from Yamuga in Moscow region (97 km) to the village Voskresenskoye in Tver region (149 km) has the highest 1A category ranking, fully equipped with six rest areas, noise barriers, lightening throughout the entire route.
Nowadays you can reach Tver from Moscow without any intersection passing through modern toll plazas. Three multi-level interchanges located on 97 km,124 km,145 km allow you to exit earlier depending on your destination.

As for the other sections you can pay cash, with bankcards, as well as with your transponder with the benefit of interoperability service available on this section as well.
“On this new section our company will be in charge of toll collection, traffic safety inspectors, equipment and system maintenance. Launching this new section will provide a transportation alternative to travel from Moscow to St. Petersburg with a uniform high level of service” – said Thierry Puy, Chief Operating Officer of UTS LLC.