UTS has calculated the number of accidents involving motor vehicles

Toll road operator UTS is launching a new safety campaign “Motorcyclist, drive consciously - it can save lives”. The goal of the campaign is to draw the attention of drivers of all types of transport to finding motorcyclists on highways.

According to UTS internal statistics, motorcyclists are killed in road accidents 30 times more often than motorists. This is confirmed by other data: the Research Center of the Road Traffic Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia published an analytical report on accidents on all types of transport for 2020. According to them, last year there were 11.6 thousand accidents involving motorcycles in the country. At the same time, more than 12.5 thousand people were injured and another 1173 died. There are several reasons for such indicators: first, the specificity of the vehicle - the motorcycle lacks a protective "frame", which is, for example, in cars. Secondly, motorcyclists neglect the rules of behavior on the high-speed road - they do not observe speed limits, overtaking and maneuvering rules, deliberately harm equipment at the toll collection point and create potentially dangerous situations for other drivers when stopping in the wrong places. Thirdly, motorists often disdain motorcycles - they do not notice them when changing lanes, do not let them pass.

“UTS operates the roads where the permitted speed reaches 130 km / h. Given these features, motorcyclists should be even more careful - be sure to use a motorcycle helmet and protective equipment, do not neglect the established speed limit, do not violate the rules of overtaking and maneuvering, and also do not stop on the high-speed road in places that are not intended for this, ” - noted UTS First Deputy General Director Oleg Trofimov.

As part of the campaign, UTS installed special posters in all point of sales and buildings along M3 Ukraine, M4 Don and M11 Neva highways. The posters show photographs of UTS personnel who are passionate motorcyclists and choose this vehicle for personal travel. There are also traffic safety inspectors among them. They are a symbol of security. These people come to the aid of drivers on the road for free in an emergency situation. With this series of posters, UTS wants to show that riding motorcycles can be safe if all the necessary rules are followed.

We remind you that UTS emergency service on toll highways is available at the following phone numbers: *2033 – on M3 Ukraine, *2044 – on M4 Don and *2011 – on M11 Neva. All the calls and traffic safety inspectors’ assistance is free of charge.