UTS urges freight carriers to pay special attention to the road

Toll operator UTS together with the largest logistics and transport companies Baikal-Service, TRASCO and Tablogix announce the launch of the “Freight Carriers support safe roads” safety campaign. The social project is designed to draw drivers’ attention, especially truck drivers’, to the need of complying with the safe driving rules.  

In 2019, more than 26 million trucks used the roads operated by UTS (currently the company operates 946 km of roads). Among them 20 million on M4 Don, 4 million on M11 Neva and 2.6 million on M3 Ukraine road. According to UTS statistics, almost half of all road traffic accidents (46%) in 2019 occurred precisely with the participation of freight transport. The main reasons were incompliance with the work and rest schedule by drivers, vehicle malfunctions, as well as drivers’ inattention. 

“Lack of proper rest and excessive fatigue lead to driver’s falling asleep on the go. Attempts to fix a broken vehicle, stopping on the emergency lane, often turn into a tragedy. Unfortunately, in such cases, drivers become both victims and the causes of the accident. Non-observance of the speed limit and even the wrong choice of the lane for passing through the toll plaza also lead to ominous consequences on the highway”, – said Oleg Trofimov, UTS LLC First Deputy General Director.  

In order to remind drivers on the importance and need of compliance with the safety rules while driving a truck on a high-speed road, UTS together with its partners created special posters that can be found in all points of sales and company buildings on M3 Ukraine, M4 Don and M11 Neva (Moscow – St. Petersburg) highways. Special warnings are also displayed on the variable message signs along the roads, operated by UTS. By their example, the logistic and transport companies that joined the project, show the responsibility of the business entities, being major users of highway infrastructure, for maintaining safety on the roads.

UTS urges all drivers to follow the traffic regulations and in case of any contingent situation call on free emergency number: * 2033 – on the M3, * 2044 – on the M4 and * 2011 – on the M11. 

About the company:  

United Toll Systems (UTS) Limited Liability Company is the first and largest operator of toll roads in Russia, providing services for road maintenance, traffic and safety, as well as toll collection. Under the framework of agreements with owners and concessionaires of toll roads UTS operates toll sections on the highways M3 Ukraine, M4 Don and M11 Neva.  

Company website: unitoll.ru 

For additional information, please contact the UTS Communications Manager:
Svetlana Kuskova: Kuskova_s@unitoll.ru, phone: +7(925) 087 91 61