UTS urges to fasten seat belts

The toll roads operator UTS together with the “Nikolai Bogatikov Charity Fund in Support of Victims in Road Accidents” announce the beginning of the safety campaign “Fasten your seat belt - save your life”. The goal of the social project is to remind drivers how high the price of not following simple traffic rules.

Every year, thousands of lives are saved thanks to fastened seat belts. According to official statistics from the State traffic inspectorate of Russia, in 2019, 19% of drivers died in accidents did not use seat belts. From 6990 drivers, 1330 were not fasten at the moment of accidents. To prevent new casualties, UTS decided to tell the stories of three heroes to whom safety belt saved life.

Within a few weeks, the operator’s group’s pages on social networks will display the stories of survivors, and in all operator’s facilities on the M3 Ukraine, M4 Don and M11 Neva (Moscow-St. Petersburg) highways will be set special posters.

All our heroes survived after serious injuries, but they still have a long and serious way to recover. You can help them and other victims on the Foundation's website: https://www.protivdtp.ru/

“From UTS side, we are doing everything possible to ensure that the roads we operate are as safe as possible, but we also ask drivers to take care themselves about their safety. Often, the life not only of a driver, but also of his passengers depends on such a simple thing as a fastened seat belt in a car. Do not forget that on highways you need to be especially careful and fasten your seat wherever you are sitting, - in the front or back of the car. You never know what can happen on the road, especially on a highway”, said Oleg Trofimov, UTS First Deputy General Director.

UTS calls on drivers to follow the rules of the road: pay attention to signs, speed limits and information on a special electronic display. Please always fasten in the car, nevertheless where you sit – in front or on rear.

In case of any unforeseen situation, please call to safety inspector’s service: *2033 - on the M3, *2044 - on the M4 and *2011 - on the M11.


Additional information:

United Toll Systems (UTS) Limited Liability Company is the first and largest operator of toll roads in Russia, providing services for road maintenance, traffic and safety, as well as toll collection. Under the framework of agreements with owners and concessionaires of toll roads UTS operates toll sections on the highways M3 Ukraine, M4 Don and M11 Neva.

Company website: www.unitoll.ru

The Charity Fund in Memory of Nikolai Bogatikov in Support of Victims in Road Accidents was founded in 2017. Its mission: to provide assistance to victims of car accidents and to help to reduce the number of accidents on Russian roads. Over the 2.5 years of operation, the fund has helped more than 200 people from all over the country.

Organization website: www.protivdtp.ru


For additional information, please contact the UTS Communications Manager:

Svetlana Kuskova: Kuskova_s@unitoll.ru, phone: +7(925) 087 91 61