Stops on emergency lane led to increasing traffic accidents

Trying to alert user and to improve safety on its network, UTS launched a yearly safety campaigns. The aim of these campaigns is to choose the most critical safety issue and to pass dedicated safety message displayed  on variable message signs (VMS), through distribution of leaflets, media communication, posters with safety message, clients’ activities (for example Customer’s Safety day), workshops in schools and etc.

The first item chosen for the campaign is “Don’t stop on emergency lane without a reason!”

In 2018, UTS LLC, the operator of toll roads, recorded 282 traffic accidents due to the drivers who stopped on the emergency lane. Among them 14 accidents occurred on M3 Ukraine, 207 accidents – on M4 Don and 7 accidents – on M11 Moscow – St. Petersburg. Since January to July 2019 already 182 more accidents have happened! Among them: 21 accidents on M3, 139 accidents on M4 and 22 accidents on M11. Such accidents are in general the most severe and the cause of many fatalities

Despite the fact that traffic rules (cl. 16.1.) prohibit car stopping and parking outside special rest areas for all highways, many drivers ignore these rules, provoking traffic accidents.

In July and August 2019, company actively handed out the drivers at the toll plazas located on our sections the leaflets containing the map of the rest areas on M3, M4, M11 highways where drivers can have comfortable and, above all, safe stops. Moreover dedicated, warning messages are display on the variable message signs along all roads.

In September 2019 in all point of sales UTS will place special posters showing the most common causes of stops: smoking, light repairs and check of vehicles, rest, walking and even sleeping. UTS team urge not to stop on the emergency lane, to take care about your own life and lives of other road users, and to use specially equipped rest areas located along all toll sections of M3 Ukraine, M4 Don, M11 Moscow-St. Petersburg highways. The full list of rest areas can be found on our website: M3 Ukraine, M4 Don, M11 Moscow-St. Petersburg.

“UTS traffic and safety inspectors patrol the assigned toll sections on a 24-hour basis, 7 days a week. They approach the drivers who stop on the roadside and ask them to move to the rest areas. Unfortunately, they are not always on time, and accident occurs – another car drives into a standing car from behind. In this regard, we ask drivers not to stop on the emergency lane without a serious reason!” said Thierry Puy, UTS Chief Operating Officer.

“For emergency cases which require stop on the emergency lane like, for example, the driver feels unwell or the car breaks down please observe the following rules: activate alarm signaling, put on a high-visibility vest, place a warning triangle, and immediately go behind the safety barrier together with all your passengers. Remember: do not stay in the car. Then call our traffic and safety inspectors,” added Oleg Trofimov, UTS First Deputy General Director.

About the company

United Toll Systems (UTS) Limited Liability Company is the first and largest operator of toll roads in Russia, providing services for road maintenance, traffic and safety, as well as toll collection. Under the framework of agreements with owners and concessionaires of toll roads UTS operates toll sections on the highways M3 Ukraine (124 – 194 km), M4 Don (225 – 633 km) and M11 Moscow-St. Petersburg (15-545 km).

Company website: www.unitoll.ru

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