Traffic on toll roads increased by 11% in 2023

On October 31, ended the spring-summer-autumn season of road maintenance and from November 1 all road services switched to a winter work schedule, which will last until April 1, 2024. 

During the period from April to October 2023, 85 million cars drove along the toll sections M3, M4 and M11, operated by UTS. Among it over 66 million are light vehicles and almost 20 million are heavy vehicles. If we compare it with last year’s season, the increase in traffic on the roads is 11%. 

The record holder for the number of passages was the M4 Don highway. It accounted for 67% of all traffic (or 53.3 million trips), with the majority of trips made by users in cars, which is 72.6%. Traffic on M11 also consisted mainly of light vehicles. In total, almost 22 million vehicles traveled on the road from April to October 2023, 88% of which were cars. On the M3 toll section, operated by UTS, the situation is similar - 78.5% of traffic are light vehicles, versus 21.5% of heavy vehicles. 

“Every year we see an increase in car travel, especially in the direction to the Black Sea coast. Particularly active season is always from May to September, when families go on vacation, preferring car travel,” noted Oleg Trofimov, UTS General Director. 

With the increase in the number of cars on toll roads operated by UTS, the number of user calls to emergency services has also increased. During the spring-summer-autumn period of 2023, UTS Traffic Safety Inspectors helped 41 956 drivers. This is 13% more than in 2022. The most common reason for calling the emergency service was a car breakdown (almost 25 thousand calls). 

The number of emergency car evacuation cases has also increased. In 2023, this service was requested 12 677 times. The difference with data for 2022 is 11%. Mostly this service was used by drivers of light vehicles (10,620 calls). 

We remind you that in the case of an emergency stop or accident, you need to call the single number *2323 and the operator will send you a Traffic Safety Inspector, vehicle evacuation and recovery service or other emergency services.