More than 22 thousand drivers got the help of UTS Traffic Safety Inspectors

For the 9 months of 2019, UTS Traffic Safety Inspectors assisted to 22,183 road users. In particular, 1635 people asked for help on the M3 “Ukraine” highway (124 – 194 km), 14,134 people - on M4 “Don” (225 – 633 km), and 6,414 people – on M11 “Moscow-St. Petersburg” (15-543 km).

From January to September 2019, drivers most often called to Traffic Safety Inspector’s service due to vehicle breakdowns (12,244 applications), lack of fuel (3,632 applications) and in the case of road accident (3,227 applications). At the same time, the most accident-free road for this period was the M11 “Moscow-St. Petersburg”, where 435 traffic accidents occurred.

In general, over 9 months of 2019, the number of calls to UTS Traffic Safety Inspector’s service on the M3 highway decreased by 4% compared to the same period in 2018, on the sections of M4 highway, operated by UTS, - increased by 7% and on M11 – by 14%.  Such changes are explained by several factors: an increase in traffic on these highways, launching new sections of roads, as well as increase in the level of public awareness of the work of UTS Traffic Safety Inspector’s service. 

Nevertheless, we remind you that in case of emergency on the highway you may call to free service of UTS Traffic Safety Inspectors by short number * 2033 - on the M3 “Ukraine”, *2044 - on the M4 “Don” and *2011 - on M11 "Moscow-St. Petersburg".