Road accident in the Novgorod region on the M-11 Highway

On November 13, early in the morning, on the M-11 Moscow-St. Petersburg Highway in the area of 334-543 km, due to the icy rain several drivers lost control and were involved in road accidents. There are no seriously injured or dead. All seven crews of UTS Traffic Safety Inspectors immediately arrived for first aid. Two more crews arrived as additional assistance.

The operators from the traffic control center informed other drivers about the accidents, displaying the information on the electronic scoreboard. The contractor responsible for the road maintenance put additional anti icing reagents to increase the level of safety on the road.

The operator’s quick response avoided traffic disruption. Now the road is open and works normally. 

The operator “United Toll Systems” in the area of 334 - 543 km provides toll collection and Traffic Safety Inspectors services. JSC “Mostotrest – Service” provides services for road maintenance.