UTS TSI service together with the rescue services held joint exercises on M4 “Don”

On November 13, 2019 UTS traffic safety inspectors became participants of major trainings on the highway M4 “Don” in Yelets district. Specialists worked over the protocol of interaction with the other services while eliminating the consequences of traffic accidents.

Besides UTS team, the local Yelets fire and rescue brigade, state health care facility “Yelets district hospital” and Yelets Department of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs joined the training. Meanwhile, the District Committee for Emergency Response and Ensuring Fire Safety took control over the entire run of exercises. 

During the exercises the specialists worked out the response and the elimination of consequences upon the collision of a passenger coach and a light vehicle resulted in injuries of one person and traffic congestion on the road.

All the services responded as they should according to the regulations: the first to come to the accident spot was UTS TSI service. Our experts evaluated the situation, called emergency response units and provided first aid to the injured.

We remind our road users that in case of any emergency, one should stay calm and keep in mind that help will come. Please, contact UTS traffic safety inspectors via free emergency numbers: on M11 –*2011, on M3 –*2033, on M4 –*2044.