The last section has been commissioned on M11

Today, on November 27, 2019, the last section on M11 “Moscow – St. Petersburg” highway, a 34-km site from Tosno to Saint Petersburg, has been commissioned. Now the entire highway journey will take only 5,5 hours.

In spite of some hardships – marshlands, adverse weather conditions and unexpected archeological findings, 7 thousand workers managed to complete the construction with the use of 1 thousand service machines within four years. The last two sections with the total length of 137,6 km are equipped with 12 rest areas, 4 toll plazas, 62 bridges and overpasses, a tunnel and interchange. The maximum speed limit is 130 km/h, traffic safety is provided by such effective project solutions as absence of one-level highway crossings, availability of safety barriers and lighting systems along the whole route.

The expected traffic intensity on new M11 sections will constitute more than 21 thousand vehicles per day. Thanks to the new highway site almost 37 th. Tosno dwellers can get to St. Petersburg for only 20 minutes.