New passage signs to be introduced at toll plazas on M11

“UTS” LLC – a company-operator of toll highways together with the state company “Avtodor” and  “NWCC” LLC launched the campaign on changing road signs informing the users on payment means at toll plazas (TPs).   

On November 15-16, 2019 all M11 toll sites will be equipped with the unified passage signs, as for now they differ depending on the highway section.
Concurrently, left fast lanes at all TPs are supposed to operate only in a non-stop mode with the use of transponders. 

“We hope that the enforcement of the unified passage signs will help drivers in navigation at toll plazas and make the process of choosing the right toll lane easier, all these subsequently will lead to decrease of congestions in front of TPs” – noted UTS First Deputy General Director, Oleg Trofimov. 

The image of new passage signs:

Non-stop lanes for transponder users
Automatic entry lanes for tickets distribution, for those who travel without transponder

Automatic entry lanes for tickets distribution and stop-and-go passage with the use of transponder
Manual lanes for payment by cash or bank cards

Automatic toll lanes for payment by bank cards only

Toll lanes for all means of payment (cash, bank card, transponder)

Automatic toll lanes for payment by bank cards and transponders

Manual lanes for oversize vehicles for payment by cash and bank cards